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Most households will deal with a mold problem from time to time. It’s not uncommon for a leaking pipe behind a wall to sprout mold issues or for a basement flood to leave behind wet areas that make for the perfect mold breeding ground. Unfortunately, many contractors who specialize in mold removal and remediation will try to confuse their clients and make them more scared of the situation than they should be. For example, while it is unsafe to live in a home that has mold, mold and mildew are the same thing and are treated in the same manner. Mold has more of a negative concatenation to it while mildew is almost seen as non-problematic. By understanding the basic concepts of remediation and the removal of mold, you’ll be able to hire a great professional at an affordable price who does the work needed to get your home back to its former glory.

Pre-Testing for a Mold Problem

If you already have mold in the home and can visibly see it, pre-testing is not required and any company that tries to sell you this service is just trying to make extra money. Once mold is detected, it has to be removed so that it does not continue to fester and become a problem for the inhabitants of the house. Regardless of the type of mold your home has, remediation is done in the same manner.

Successful Mold Remediation

When a company takes on the project for you, they work under a set of guidelines that adheres to OSHA safety standards. Their first job is to keep all home occupants and workers safe from the fungal growth. Next, they will assess the situation and offer their preliminary findings to give you a rundown on the type of mold you’re dealing with and the best way to get rid of it. Then they will begin to close off the area around the mold so that cross-contamination does not happen. This prevents the mold issue from getting bigger than it already is.

Once they have completed these steps, the remediation company will get to work at the source removal. This means that they will remove the mold at its very source using a variety of chemicals that kill fungal spores and prohibit them from coming back. Moisture removal is also an important step in terms of mold removal and extraction. If moisture is left in the area after cleanup has been done, mold can and often does return because this makes for the perfect breeding ground for the fungus.

No matter what type of mold you have or its color, the company will use all of the above protocols to ensure that it is eradicated from your home quickly and without trouble. Your home does not need to be quarantined, unless of course the mold has taken over the entire house.